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Giving a new dimension to your laser system

Three dimensional processing of geometries with automatic re-focussing

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Always in focus…

The Autofocus system from OR Laser is a unique focussing system for laser units that regulates the distance to the precision part to be processed online. The uniqueness of the system is based on a measuring method, which is carried out coaxially to the processing laser. This means the distance is measured directly in the focus point of the laser and evaluated in the same axis. Hence you are able to work contact-free and independent of direction, and control the distance precisely even in deeper bores or crevices.

Mode of operation

A laser beam of a wavelength of 655 mm is coaxially coupled in the processing laser. The radiation diffused back from the precision part is absorbed by the sensor at a scanning rate of 750 Hz and evaluated by means of interferometry. The distance so determined is transmitted in the form of a digital signal and processed in a computer aided manner. A controller controls the drive of the lens positioning at a precision rate of up to 50 µm.

Field of application

Manual laser and build-up welding: In this process the time-consuming focussing of the laser beam onto the precision part is undertaken independently of Autofocus. Hence, the operator can concentrate on the two dimensional processing. The third dimension is controlled by Autofocus!

Automated laser joint welding and powder build-up welding: A fully automatic laser welding process is only conditionally achievable due to the lack of CAD data or components of limited tolerance. The laser beam must be consistently readjusted during the process, which demands an automated focussing unit correction/adjustment. A two dimensional automated processing can be mastered easily without any problems. The third dimension is controlled by Autofocus!

Your benefits

  • Increased precision and speed together with an increase in productivity by up to 50%
  • Constant laser parameters on the precision part
  • Optimal results due to adherence to the process parameters

Focussing lens 100 mm

Meassuring accuracy <15 μm

Working range 40mm

Mechanical focusing accuracy < 100 μm

Linearity over working range 0,2 %

Angel measurement 80 deg

Max. positioning Speed 20 mm/s

Min. movement step 5 μm

Command refresh rate20 pro Sekunde

Meassuring laser I= 655 nm <1.0 mW

working temperature 18°C bis 35°C

Dimensions and weight

Autofocus system complete with case Weight:   17 Kg

Autofocus system Weight:                                    4 Kg

Sensor dimensions (LxWxH)                               160 x 80 x 60 mm

Control box dimensions (LxWxH)                        265 x 255 x 115 mm

Motion Unit dimensions (LxWxH)                         15 x 13 x 21-25 mm

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