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All-in-One marking and engraving laser system with integrated PC and variable focal length

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Compact marking laser - compact price

With the MAG LASER COMPACT, OR Laser presents a new concept of marking and engraving laser systems.

As a more economic alternative with 10 W laser power, built-in PC and software-based variable focal length, the all-in-one laser marking performs work on small components efficiently and reliably. This offers new options to users such as in the jewelry industry or the processing of electronic components.

The compact design of the MAG COMPACT allows it to easily integrate into any working environment. The power supply, the laser source, the complete optics and a PC for control functions fit into a compact housing. The laser can be secured in a number of ways in different positions and thereby also be used in vertical production procedures.

The system with 10W power and a peak power of 5.0 kW allows the marking of plastics and many metals at high speed.

The marking field has, depending on the focus adjustment, a minimum size of 55 mm x 55 mm.

The PC can be controlled via a remote desktop from another system on the network (Ethernet port available on the housing) or even wirelessly via appropriate suitable tablet using a built-in wireless connection. Alternatively, directly via the PC in the system by connecting the monitor, keyboard and mouse to the housing.

Examle of use

NeopreneRubber stringAnodized Aluminium
CeramicsPlasticsReflecting areas
Max. mean power10 W
Max. pulse energy500 μJ
Focus diameter500 μm
Line voltage (V/Ph/Hz)230 V
Wavelength1067 nm
Beam qualityM2<1.3
Stability< 2%
Modulation20-100 kHz
Pulse width100 ns
Peak power5 kW
Power consumptionmax. 700 W
Heat exchangedLuftkühlung
Weight laserhead16 Kg
Abmessung der Anlage (b/l/h)190 x 455 x 276 mm

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