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Plastic Welding

seaming of thermoplastics and automated scanner welding

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Highlights at a glance

  • scanner technology enables outline and simultaneous welding
  • 24/7 operational
  • workpieces until 100 kilos of weight
  • local heat influence
  • no pre and after treatment necessary
  • online process control
  • variable spot diameter
  • low cycle times
  • high productivity
  • precise welding seams
  • <
  • Compatible with CAD / CAM software solution ORLAS SUITE
  • Compatible with the powder feeder and powder nozzle

Strong and flexible in Use

The turn key solution distinguishes itself through its compact measurements which allows this system to be easily integrated into diverse production enviroments. This robust stand alone system is developed to be operational 24/7. Productions from small series until mass production are possible with this system. By using of a long - focus f-theta lens and two galvanometer mirrors that guide the laserbeam precisely over the workpiece. The ORLAS Station offers afield of work of 560mm X 560mm.

The spot size of the laser can be adjusted through the implementation of a scanner technology the ideal solution for outline welding and simultaneous welding

Process Control through a laser secured bulkhead

The equipment of the system with plastic parts that are about to be welded are mounted through a laser secured bulkhead and are locked with the automated jig. Optional the system can be delivered with a turning table which allows equipment of the system during a welding operation. This is how cycle times can be further reduced and production costs minimized at the same time as raising your productivity. The process control is carried out via a automatic clamping pressure regulatorand the way-time monitoring of the whole welding process.

Intuitive operation via touchscreen

The operation of the ORLAS STATION can be done over a touchscreen display which has access to all parameters and saved data. All important functions are accessable with just a few clicks. Additionally preset data can be saved anytime and will always be retrievable for further welding operations.

The display surface of the LILLY-BOARD is divided into three screens and enables a quick navigation within the software. In the status window all system relevant information are displayed. The parameter window shows all current system parameters or welding parameters and enables changes of these values during the welding operation by the user.

The welding outline is precisely created in the control software which has a wide fuctional range of DXF-Files which can be loaded into the program. With a pilot laser the welding operation can be displayed directly onto the workpiece.

Optional: Operating via ORLAS SUITE

ORLAS SuiteThe ORLAS SUITE from OR Laser is an unprecedented new CAD/CAM environment for planning nearly all facets of laser processing: marking, engraving, cutting, welding, cladding, and powder-based additive manufacturing processes.

This is the first and only comprehensive software for industrial laser applications that is actually able to read and process all proprietary file formats and control all existing laser systems.

The ORLAS SUITE is excellently suited for supporting and planning processing strategies. The software supports the most popular 3D CAD file formats including STEP and IGES. The system also doubles as a tool for classic welding and marking tasks as well as powder-based laser cladding (also for depositing multiple layers).

Application examples

Typical series applications in laser plastic welding

application example laser plastic welding

Typ: 300 W
Max. mean power300 W
Focus diameter0,8 - 5 mm
Line voltage (V/Ph/Hz)230/1/50
Wavelengthzwischen 940 nm und 2.500 nm
Heat exchangedLuftkühlung
Hub der Z - Achse200 mm
Abmessung des Arbeitstisches ( BxL )560 mm x 560 mm
Weight supply unit100 kg je Seite
Abmessung der Anlage (b/l/h)1.160 mm/1.200 mm/2.200 mm

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